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Shuttering Ply

Shuttering Ply
Shuttering Ply
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Product Code : WP 10
Product Description

Shuttering grade plywood is made out of carefully selected high density hardwood veneers confirming
specifications laid down under IS 4990:1993 and are treated with strong wood Preservatives. The plywoods are preservative treated by vacuum pressure impregnation process and these veneers are dried bonded with high quality phenol formaldehyde synthetic adhesive and PVC resin in multi daylight hydraulic Hot Press for attaining smooth surface and water proofing. They have high tensile strength and resistance to withstand the load on concrete and vibration during pouring of concrete. Reuse value is directly related to the care taken in handling, use, stripping and storing.

Technical Specifications

Diameter mm +6mm, -0mm2

a) Length +3m.-0mm2

b) Width +8%

c) Thickness +8%

Squareness % 0.2

Edge Straightness %. 0.2

workship and finish Confirm

Moisture content % 1S 1734 (P-1) 5-14

Glue adhesion Strength in dry state 1S 1734 (P-4)

i Glue shear Strength

a)Average 1350N

b)Minimum individual 1100N

ii) Adhesion or Pies (Knife Tesi) Min Pass Standard

Resistance to water (After 72 hr bolling )N,

a)Average 1000N

b) Minimum individual 800 N